Victor Cruz’s Nudes Leak & His Fiance Puts Him On Blast

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victor cruz sipthetea

MmmOhMyGawd! NFL player Victor Cruz has been out here acting recklessly. Why can’t these athletes stay faithful to their women? Is it too much to ask? Well, play with fire and you’ll get burned.

Victor Cruz’s fiance decided to send a group text to Vic and all his side chicks giving them the opportunity to meet each other via text message.

Meet one another and exchange notes? Seriously?! I can’t. Victor’s fiance, come on down and claim your L boo because you’re not going anywhere no matter how many side pieces he has and that my dear is sad…extremely sad.

take this L sipthetea

Now ladies, on to the nudes

beyonce body roll sipthetea

Please keep in mind these pics are NOT safe for work. Don’t get fired because you were watching freaky pics while on the job.
Hit the flip to see his nudes

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