Toxic Shock Syndrome: Woman Collapses After Leaving Tampon In For 9 Days

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toxic shock syndrome

Woman collapses after leaving tampon in for 9 days?

via the Daily Mail

Emily Pankhurst, 20, suffered from blood poisoning after leaving in a tampon for nine days amid exam stress and inserting another one, she told The Daily Mirror. She temporarily lost mobility.

A student who blamed feeling bloated and under the weather on stress was actually suffering from deadly toxic shock syndrome after forgetting to remove a tampon for nine days.

Emily Pankhurst, 20, ignored her symptoms as she was busy studying for her final university exams.

But one day she realised she had accidentally left a tampon in for more than a week, which was entirely black when she removed it.

A few hours later she became faint, began to slur her words and her skin became mottled, so her mother immediately called an ambulance.

In intensive care, doctors said she was suffering blood poisoning as a result of toxic shock syndrome, a life-threatening infection caused by the tampon.

They gave her antibiotics and managed to save her life – but Miss Pankhurst temporarily lost her mobility and is still unable to walk long distances.

Describing the moment she realised she had left a tampon in for nine days, she said: ‘When I finally realised, I pulled it out it was pure black.

‘I wouldn’t have known what it was apart from the string. It was horrible. I immediately chucked it in the loo, I felt sick.’

Miss Pankhurst, who is studying criminology at the University of Canterbury, originally inserted the tampon during her period last month.

So many questions! How? Didn’t she smell anything? Didn’t she feel anything? Didn’t she smell anything? How?

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9 thoughts on “Toxic Shock Syndrome: Woman Collapses After Leaving Tampon In For 9 Days

  1. I mean… Didn’t use the bathroom for OTHER functions?!? She was right there… Why not change her tampon then?!? That poor girl! I hope she learned that her health is not something to play around with!!

  2. Oh my! I hope she’s ok. I never used tampons before.was always a fan of pads, but not anymore! I started using the Diva cup about four years ago and it’s truly been a game changer for me.

  3. 1. This is disgusting.
    2. She stupid.
    3. She stupid.
    4. She Stupid.
    5. ….

    Listen, I can’t right now. I don’t wear tampons, because the only thang that should be going up there is the D, sorry. But pads get soaked, and those aren’t inside, so imagine! After a whole day being outside, sometimes it’s uncomfortable, sometimes you can’t even last a full day without changing. More than a friggin’ week? NO! That shit wasn’t stress, please! No one stresses school! So did she not take a shower? I’m confused! What? My stomach hurts, I’m done. LOL

    ~ Sanaa

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