Popular Youtuber Shamed For Reproducing With Married Man

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Popular Youtuber, Taren Guy, has ruffled a few feathers. Ruffled them so much that she has social media pages dedicated to calling her out on her scandalous behavior. I’m not a follower of Taren so I won’t know the ins and outs of what she does but looking at her big hair I’m guessing she’s a naturalista on Youtube.

Apparently, Taren is having a baby by a married man (Michael McConnell) and some women are NOT here for it. Not sure if he has finally divorced but the word is she’s (Taren) been messing with him for quite some time. Many subscribers feel she owes them an explanation but does she? I know some subscribers/fans get so involved with the lives of their “faves” that they feel they are obligated to many things but maybe this part of her life should be off-limits. “That lady’s husband should’ve been off-limits too!” And I agree, but no one knows who approached who and under what circumstances.

There are even petitions requesting companies (BET and Motions) to no longer sponsor her,

She has built her “brand” around natural hair care, self love, self acceptance, and women’s empowerment. However, Taren is now pregnant again, for the 4th time out of wedlock, by a man who also happens to still be legally married. Taren is a misrepresentation to black women everywhere. ” 

A blog calls her a fraud and begs readers to not support her future endeavors. A forum has an entire thread dedicated to her and her cheating beau. If you read through some of the comments left on Taren’s social media pages you’ll see commenters calling her out on breaking up a marriage.

I bring all of this to your attention to ask, is this too much or are their actions justified? Should we use social media to punish folks for their wrongdoings?

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  1. Taren know she is wrong for messing with someone's husband, she had the nerve to tell the wife Karyn, that her and Mike are soulmates…Bye Taren…I see why you moved to East Orange, NJ, so CPS won't come and snatch this unborn child you are about to have with your broke @&^ married baby daddy!

  2. I use to be a follower of Taren, but not anymore. She is not the person I thought she was. She seemed like such a positive person and spoke on “sisterhood” and women being positive role models etc. Now i can clearly see it was all a lie. There is NO reason to be carrying on with married men. She KNEW he was married and still chose to mess with him (yes there is proof she knew he was married). This is the LAST thing we as women should be doing to one another. It's such a shame.

  3. Apologies in advance because this will be long!

    I've known Taren since junior high and we also went to the same high school. We grew up in the same neighborhood and still hang out with a lot of the same people, though we're not close anymore. A mutual friend recently spilled some major tea to me about Taren and I was shocked. Apparently Taren has been stressed out a lot and complained that people are talking about her online. She made it seem like she was being “cyber bullied” by haters for no reason and tried to get the police involved. The po-po basically brushed her off and said they couldn't help unless someone was threatening her well being and that someone talking about you online isn't necessarily a crime. The NYPD have so much shit on their plate already and they’re not trying to get involved in this mess.

    I found so much stuff by googling her name (was curious about the “cyber bullies”) and was honestly shocked by everything I read. I was led here by the lipstick alley thread (which is pretty much spot on although my account isn't approved and I can't post). It makes so much sense that a lot of the flack she's been getting is because of her involvement with Michael. I remember being at a party last year and she was there with him on her arm. We just side eyed her like who the fk is this new dude and what happened to Will (a guy she was dating)? She introduced Michael as her “boyfriend”, but we later found out he's married!! Not surprising given her history of messing around with married men. One of our mutual friends confronted her about this and asked “where is the wife?” Taren told her that the wife isn't in the picture and the relationship is dead. I'm not sure if that's some b.s. that Michael fed her.

    There was some drama last year with her and Michael because she found out that he was creeping with a light skinned girl he met at a party. She found messages on his phone from the girl and lost it. She vented about all of this to our mutual friend who told her she shouldn't have been messing around with Michael in the first place because he seems like a sleazy dude, cheating on his wife etc. Taren has never been able to take advice or admit her wrongs, so she blew up at our friend and got really nasty. She said she wanted to give him a second chance because no one is perfect and she doesn’t believe in giving up on people.

    I don’t know why she thinks Michael is such a great catch, because it's pretty obvious he's a loser, both morally and financially. At the party his eyes were darting around the room checking out all the women. We found out that he's broke as hell, doesn't have a real career and is constantly borrowing money and not paying it back. He flaunts all this fake success on social media but it's all bs. His event management company is largely bs as well and I wonder how many, if any clients he'll be getting because his reputation has been trashed just like Taren's.

    Before she had her first son, Taren got pregnant and had an abortion. In high school she was extremely wild and loose. There was an abandoned building near our school where she used to meet with this guy for sex. Her obsession with all this anal stuff started back then too. I remember her bragging about doing it with some dude and about how it hurt like hell at first but that she started enjoying it after some time. (continued)

  4. (continued)

    There was an incident where she had sex with 3 guys at the same time at a party and later bragged about it. I remember one time in high school she got the clap from some dude and was freaking out and afraid to tell her mom. One time our teacher walked into class and found her sitting on this guy's lap and told her off about it.

    Our mutual friend said Taren had an abortion last year after Michael got her pregnant for the first time. Idk if he convinced her to do it or what the full story is concerning that. I was shocked to hear that she was pregnant again and actually keeping it, because she had said that after her daughter she didn't want any more kids.

    When Michael's wife found out about their affair last year, Taren started flaunting their “relationship” on social media. She's lost a lot of friends over this mess and people are generally tired of her shenanigans.

    She fucked around with that guy Chenlo who appears in a lot of her pictures. I'm also pretty sure she messed around with Chris, who is a major loser and too full of himself. There was also this guy who works at Essence that she was messing around with for awhile. I’ve also heard a lot of stories about her time at Voodoo and that she used to have sex with men for money while working there.

    Taren has done a lot of wrong in terms of her kids, and that's why they were taken away. She was taking care of all 3 of her kids in the beginning, because I used to see them around town all the time and she seemed like a great mom. I rarely ever see her with her kids anymore. I have no idea when or why everything spiraled out of control, but it must have happened right around the time she became really popular online. I don’t know who the boys are currently living with, but they definitely don’t live with her. The daughter lives with her father and is well cared for. She doesn't get any government support for her kids since they don’t live with her.

    I remember her promoting the Faces of Autism campaign a while back. She seemed really excited and was telling everyone about it. At the time I thought it was something really positive and a good thing she was doing. We all supported it and purchased bracelets, etc. When last I heard, she said she had raised “over $8,000” from selling merch and other donations (this is what she told us!). A businessman from NJ wrote her a $1,000 check for the campaign. I’m shocked to read that she’s claiming to have raised only a small sum. Does she not know that people who know her in real life can google her name and discover all her lies?

    All the faux enlightenment stuff she posts on social media is bs. If you know the real Taren, you'll find that she's actually very insecure which is why she cycles through men. Taren's mom (RIP) had her when she was really young (like 17). I think her upbringing has a lot to do with her lifestyle now, but there were lots of other kids we grew up with who had similar upbringings and they've done well. Some of the girls she was really close with in HS got college degrees, etc. It's just sad.

  5. I too was lead here by LSA.. Hi ladies! I've been trolling over there for awhile unable to post because my account has yet to be approved. But here's my 2 cents: I've met Taren many times at different events, so much so that her number is in my phone. I am a youtuber but it's best if who I am remains anon. Let's start with her man: he has a wondering eye to say the least. I was in his sights at one of her events and I was totally grossed out by him. I'm not surprised hearing he's cheated on her already. This man had no class. What I go from seeing him at the event that was ran by Taren is that he “worked” for her. I guess he's piggy backing on her so called sucess.
    At another event Taren seemed sad or should I said distant and not present.. If all the attention and ass kissing youtubers weren't on her ass she wasn't comfortable. This was around the time she was doing the whole weight lost this and posting before and after pics of her tummy, fact her stomach wasn't flat like she lead subbies to believe she actually looked about 5 months pregnant.. Hmmmm.. I feel like everything around here is based on lies and leading her subbies on. There no truths to this chick..

  6. First of all, you are dead WRONG for coming in here posting this mess about Taren just so you can feel a little better about your rachet ass! Tell me, what is it that Taren has done to you to make you so spiteful?? You come in here spitting in Taren's face, but the wind blew it back in yours! You and all the other ratchet-headed tea sippers in this thread and others are PATHETIC TO THE CORE. All you're doing is dumping on Taren to make your miserable lives seem better, which they are not! I mean, why do any of you care who this woman is FUCKING?????? Do you want some? (Yes!) Are you jealous (Yes!) Are your lives devoid of meaning? (Hell Yes!). What do any of you do to enhance the life of Taren Guy? (Not a mf thing!) Yet you expect her to live up to your hypocritical self-righteousness! You talk about girls growing up with similar lifestyles who have gone to college or are doing well. Well, I know a few who have killed themselves over their upbringings! Who are you to tell anyone how they should handle their lives? You witches sit up here bad mouthing Taren, then you don't even sign your real names. Have a seat, scab. Or better yet, crab. Ninjas will never be good at doing anything besides dragging each other back to the bottom of the barrel.

  7. ??? Why is there so much on the net about her preference for anal sex??? How do y'all know unless som of you “spilling” this tea on her bootyhole actually anally satisfied her

  8. Hey Taren!

    Thanks for stopping by! When are you due again? Is Mike still around? Is he still your soulmate even though he made vows with another? Has CPS called you yet? I'm sure you'll see them at the hospital! What did you do with the Faces of Autism money? How did you spend the 440 from Areya indiegogo and why didn't you refund it? Where are your other children? So many questions!

  9. No one is Jealous of Taren. I respect myself and my body too much to ever want for my life what Taren has done with hers. The fact of the matter is Taren choices does not only effect her. She is destroying marriages and she doesn't care about it. People are done supporting someone who preaches one thing and does the exact opposite while still expecting people to fund her and her many different business ventures. While sleeping with many different married men, destroying marriages, and abandoning her kids is something u can support, its not something I can. And btw ur real name Anonymous or nah?

  10. And Taren,

    I noticed you didn't refute any of the tea that has been dropped about you. Tired of the lies or is it just too much to plug up at this point? I know you have experience with that. ; )

    Be well!

  11. @Janc What you wrote about Mike is 100% true. He is broke and he owes money to a lot of people. I bet his wife doesn't know that Taren isn't the first person he cheated with. That he used to pick up women at parties when we used to hang out. Before people online caught on about Taren I posted a comment on one of Mike's pics that he put up of Taren. I said “Mike, Karyn is looking a lil light. Did she get the MJ skin lightening treatment?” He deleted and blocked me. Taren was just another one of those girls Mike picked up at a party. And trust, she knew he was married because it was mentioned. He said that he was using her for her connects. I bet she doesn't know that Mike told all his friends about the freaky shit she likes to do. About how she gave him head in the parking lot of the home depot on Ave U. About how she likes to use toys when they're fucking and that they record each other on video while doing it. The way Mike talked about Taren when they first started hooking up is the way a guy talks about a side hoe, not a woman he respects. He said that she's the freakiest woman he's ever been with. The problem is that Mike gets bored easily and will probably drop her soon.

  12. Ok y’all, I have some news or tea as y’all say. So I didn’t realize how crazy small the world is. When I first visited Karyn’s Facebook page awhile back, I saw that we had a mutual friend in common so I’ve been hitting him up to just catch up. This morning we were messaging because he wanted to let me know about an event he will be at in our hometown. Anyways, I asked him about Karyn because I saw they were friends and asked him if he knew about the drama that's all over the blogs. Hunny! He’s in the fashion business and has his own fashion blog and everything. But he’s also gay (I think) so he definitely has no problem spilling the news and gossiping. He called me because he didnt wanna leave a paper trail and said that Karyn was extremely devastated after finding out about Mike and Taren’s relationship and even discussed suing Mike for money he owed her since she knew she would never get it in back in a divorce settlement.

    He’s not sure if she’s going through with the lawsuit or not as they are still working on the divorce proceedings. It seems that Mr. Mike is trying to play the respectable guy card all of a sudden by asking Karyn that she be more understanding with her demands because all of the online drama has stressed Taren out. Mike told Karyn that this is bad for the baby and apparently Taren has been depressed lately. I couldn’t believe my ears. This fool really wants Karyn to feel sympathy for a homewrecker who got pregnant by her husband when that homewrecker wasn't sympathetic towards her? The good thing is Karyn does not seem to be falling for it and is still going through full speed with the divorce and is intent on taking him to the cleaners (although I would think he has nothing as it is).

    Oh, and Ms. Karyn is very well connected in the NY fashion and blogging scene (which is how she knows our mutual friend) and although she has been pretty discrete about what’s going on, all of her friends and their friends have blacklisted Taren. From what he told me, the women (I’m assuming like Tia Williams of Shake Your Beauty) have agreed to not cohost or even serve on a panel together with her. She’s not invited to ANY of the parties and events, and of course neither is Mike. He seemed to mention that although some of the women aren’t privy to the whole story, they are getting the news from online (possibly LSA?) and they are following the story closely because they are all always talking about it. He said that any event that Taren hosts or puts on from now on will more than likely be done by herself because people have lost all respect for her.

    My friend says he doesn’t personally know Taren but would see her around and noticed that Taren hasn’t been around like she used to, but I told him maybe that’s because she moved/is pregnant? Also, I asked him if their marriage was a happy one because they didn’t look too happy in their wedding pictures on a beautiful island like Santorini. He said that as far as he knew they were in love. I wanted to press him more on this but felt like he was already telling me the tea, so I shouldn’t be too thirsty. Only thing we can do now is wait for the divorce. I’ll spill if he happens to tell anything else.

  13. I don't follow her on YouTube but I know she is a popular 'guru' This is too much tea. My cup spilleth over!!! So she's a home wrecker, bad mother, and a scam artist? shoot! This is too much!

  14. MmmHmm!!! The unmitigated nerve and sheer arrogance of this woman to tuck her tongue in 'tween the inside ah her lower lip and bottom row ah teefas, look into the camera like she high and mighty and didn't just get the hot air plugged outta her butthole last night and call herself talkin down her nose, giving all 11: 11 flavors of unsolicited, preachy, life advice on youtube while her life is a pipin', steamy, hot to trot, thottery winnin, non-custody havin, homewreckin, pluggabuttin' mess, chile…
    This woman has the most extreme case of narcissistic personality disorder if there ever was one hunty, I mean, somebody call Iyanla to come snatch her life like it was one ah her crispy, crunchy jheri curl wigs… I wanna see her get her life all the way together as tightly as the sphincter of her rectum clenches around unprotected dicks and toy plugs and not end up havin to make a livin doin anal porn videos… We are rootin and tootin for you, booboo… Come getcho LIFE, baby!!! And all you enabling heffas outchere defendin her trifling behaviors… It's all to the good until you find out she spread her buttcheeks wide open to anally recieve YOUR man or YOUR hubby, rawdog!!!

  15. Long time ago,I started following Taren and a few other bloggers for hair and makeup reviews. And I still follow her and them, for just that purpose.. REVIEWS. Then somewhere I saw some posts about Mike and now this one. What I don't understand is why are these taking the time to create pages, blogs, websites and petitions so concerned about her business?

    Funny thing is, I created a fake story about knowing Taren and being a wh*re and next thing it's been touted at “truth tea” and currently still growing with comments.

    The more I read those comments, the more disgusted I became at the people writing them. See, it's easy to judge and wish ill based on “receipts” that really could be another gossiper looking to the stir the pot. No, I'm Taren, but I do still follow her. Her situation is between her, Mike, the ex and God. I have no stones to cast. So, why are ya'll taking so much glee in bringing her down? And what if the ex comes and says that they were seperated and nothing happened like its being portrayed, would y'all apologize? Nope.. you'd find something else about her to break down or move on to the next blogger's business.

    Y'all should guard your own business, because there's probably someone out there ready to drag you like y'all doing to this woman.

  16. @Chenlo..I don't get the fascination to bring this woman down either. These people are pathetic and get their own life. When someone comes to speak against these comments, we're sheep or stupid followers, or Taren. We're just people that use the decency, good sense, home training and compassion that God and our parents instilled us.

  17. And why did you create a fake story again. I mean you wanted to know why did people create blogs and pages for them when you did the same on a smaller scale. How about you dont read any of it. And go on about your business if it bothers you so much. If taren or mike want to set the record straight and stop the gossip or rumors they know what to do. They wouldnt need you.

  18. Lies! if you spread fake information you are JUST as bad as the people you are shaking your finger at. There are receipts in this post of Taren's cheating, kids being taken away, and stealing money from subbies so swerve with all that BS you're trying to push

  19. You can create as many “fake stories” all you want. We all know that her being a whore is true and irrefutable, especially with her having different daddies for all her kids. Birth control is a foreign term to her apparently.

    Furthermore, we all know she is a scammer because she provided no follow up to those who donated to her Faces of Autism campaign, including myself. And she became very defensive and vague when people started questioning why they should donate to her Areya TV “network”. Someone with no intentions to scam would have been more transparent and less defensive. That's why she stopped the campaign because people were dubious of her intentions.

    So in essence, her business became our business when she decided to not only make her business public for viewer consumption but to haughtily ask for donations to the tune of $80,000.00.

    If you got your head out of her butt long enough, you'd see that.

  20. Hey Taren, you are so stressed out, when you should be more concerned and excited about the upcoming birth of your child, but how can you be excited about another child, when you don't take care of the other 3 children you gave birth too.

    You have some nerve coming on here to claim some bs about lying/creating a fake story. You brought all this drama upon yourself for showing the world how much of a THOT YOU ARE, by prancing around town with your BROKE ASS MARRIED BABY DADDY! So miss me with your crap, you are a FOUL, TRIFLING, UNSTABLE, UNFIT and DISRESPECTFUL ASS WOMEN!

  21. Your parent taught you to support people who wreck marriages? Mine certainly did not. I am not someone who will support someone no matter what they do. I blindly follow no one. And the person I have compassion for is the wife who was betrayed. She is the one who deserves the support.

  22. And for those who don't know, she has 4 children and FOUR baby daddies. Not 3 but 4 including this married one.
    I glad people didn't fall for her 80k scam this time…she took the money and RAN with the last fundraiser in the name of autism no less….that makes it worse to me then people who fake diseases just to get money..she used her kids disability to steal and then tried it again…lol.

  23. I'm not up on a lot of social media, a friend told me to come here because she knows I donated to the autism project and never heard anything about it again, I wish I could get my money back, not because of the cheating..I really don't care about personal stuff but when you are asking for money from your fans and you decide to just move in to something else with no refunds or explanations, that's when it gets suspicious.

  24. I met mike recently, he wasn't acting attached, I'm just gonna say that if I wasn't in a relationship he would have had my number because he asked for it. Good thing I'm not a whore.

  25. Taren, you just don't seem to GET why people continue to drag you…you are a PIECE OF SHIT!!!! You don't have custody of your 3 children because you were neglectful and you don't want custody because you party it up and globetrot around like you don't have a care in the world Now, you are prego with baby #4 and it's clear that you ain't all that happy with this poor child before it's even here. You parading around with another woman's husband and knocked up by him and claiming you two are engaged. You can't be engaged to someone that is already married HOE!! You stay posted up on IG, YT and Twitter erasing any comment that is the truth about your ratchet ass. Then to end all be all you and this no good ninja concoct a scam to get people to give money to the tune of 80K!!! You are some real simpletons if you think you can ask people to fund your lazy ass, wannabe baller lifestyles and not have to explain where the money is going. Taren I hope karma has her way with you and that you feel all that you fail to listen to. Also, you really need to stop all this anal activity because you are doing nothing but opening yourself up to disease and anal cancer. Truth be told, you probably already have a few STDs.

  26. Mike is a liar and a cheater. He cheated on you more than once Taren. I would know personally. I would never had been with him had I known he was involved with someone. No less a lying, cheating, whore of a mother like you. When I found out I was so gone! Unlike you I res

  27. It's funny how Anonymous who replied 9/5/14 @ 12:06pm is talking about using decency, good sense, home training and compassion in defense OF Taren's whorish behavior when Taren used none of that to mess around with and get knocked up by a very married man.

    Where's the decency, good sense, home training and compassion for the wife to leave her husband alone? How do you explain that? You must be one of those “Everybody deserves love. Their marriage was over anyway.” dumb followers.

    Have a seat with the rest of the sheep and resist the urge to walk off the cliff like the rest of them.

  28. I have known Taren through highschool through mutual friends and as work associates. She is the BIGGEST WHORE ON THE PLANET! She stayed fucking men for money or for benefits. She is needy as fuck. Taren did all kinds of shit with the drug dealers at the voodoo bar we worked at. She fucked in bathroom stalls, cars, utility closet. We all knew how Taren got down and we all tried to get her to stop being so damn easy. She is too self righteous to take advice and said that we were hating on her. She even told one of the coworkers that we disliked her cause we were dark nappy bitches. No fucking lie! Believe me when I say that she stayed prowling for rich married men. She has ALWAYS gone after men in relationships. Its like she has to prove something, like shes better than the current wife/ girlfriend. It gives her validation. She is very colorsturck and hated non straight hair till she found she could make money from it. I remember Taren distinctly telling this one chick not to call her black cause she was not that “mixed”. Also, Taren used to steal money from the registers at work! Here is some tea: She got fired from voodoo because she fucked the co-owners husband. The wife found them together in her bed, in her house.

  29. I'm not Taren..lol. She doesn't owe me any explanation on her private life. That's between her and God. The more and more y'all try to trash this woman, the more I pray God will cover her and lift her. It's not my point to

    No, my point is that people will jump on ANY post, truth or lie, and y'all will spread it without hesitation. I guess the same way y'all come in to bash her, I can come in here to NOT bash her. As the author was asking OPINIONS from EVERYONE, not just the negative and nasty ones.

  30. I'm not defending Taren' behavior, because I don't know her nor did I witness it firsthand. I'm in here because its a slow day at work..lol. I was taught not to revel and celebrate despair or “bad” in a person's life. I was taught that if it wasn't for the grace of God, I could be in that situation.

    Not a sheep, just don't see the need for all the hate towards her.

  31. Why all the sympathy for someone who made a conscious and deliberate decision to sleep with, flaunt on social media as her own and get pregnant by a married man though?

    You're a whore empathizer.

    Where's the empathy and compassion for the wife, who is the victim here? Oh that's right? It must be the wife's fault why Mike cheated on here with Taren. *rolls eyes*

    Dummies always take up for their own.

  32. You are defending her behavior. You didn't need to witness anything firsthand as her pregnancy is evidence enough of her affair with Mike.

    And no one is reveling or celebrating her poor decision making. People are just not here for the hypocritical, fake deep, women's empowerment, self love act she puts on knowing she represents the total opposite of everything she preaches. No thot can expect me to take her serious when preaching self love if she is visibly pregnant by another woman's husband.

    And don't bring God into the devil's work. God gave us all a brain. Some use it and others, like Taren and Mike, obviously don't. When you make conscious decisions to stay out of dramaful situations, things like this won't happen. Many of the bad things that happen to us are self-inflicting. Taren and Mike obviously thought her dumb followers were going to be okay with her being pregnant by a married man under the guise of “Everybody deserves love”.

    Welp, she thought wrong.

  33. Here is how we know you're Taren. Someone who truly wishes that God uplifts Taren would not contribute to telling negative stories about her, whether it's false to prove a point or not because the thing about it is, people are going to believe it regardless. Even if it were fake, Taren, it doesn't draw attention away from the stories coming from the people who know you and show proof.

    Please log off and just prepare yourself to bring your new baby in the world.

  34. We don't need thots like Taren contributing to our community. She is not anybody's saviour and should not be looked at as such.

    She needs to go back into 2009 oblivion when nobody knew who she was, work on herself, work on getting her kids back and stop being a fame thirsty whore who seeks to live a lifestyle well beyond her means that is funded by others.

  35. The wife won't say that they were separated because they weren't. No one has sympathy for a dummy who keeps repeating the same mistakes. They should make a Taren book for dummies. Whatever fake story you created is your business, the truth is out there. Those that personally know her and Mike are telling it. You don't sleep with someone's husband and think you can get away with it. All of the side hoes getting dragged through the mud so Taren is no exception.

  36. See, what I mean?! Y'all so sure and convinced I'm Taren, smh. I pray for her because if she needs guidance in her life, then God will give that to her. It's a sad thing to read all the hate towards her and her life. But y'all go ahead and keep creating pages about a woman you never met, met briefly at a hair event or heard about thru a friend of a friend of a friend from 6th grade. Y'all seem so invested in taking her down and ridiculing her.

    And it's wrong to have an affair, but I know plenty of people that separate and begin dating, while going thru the divorce steps. I'm sure most of us do. I believe God isnt going to give you someone else spouse and they were led together for a reason. I'm done commenting.. too much hate and negativity.

  37. All this about that THOT Taren and not much about that egotistical, let me have someone else watch my kid (because this is not his 1st child!) so I can go do buttplug Taren, loser, lowlife, I need to find myself, man-child?? If you got all this on her I know that the people can find out more on that scum! Bring on the TEA!

  38. Taren as someone on the internet (one of the many) who has been fortunate enough to see that pic of your cooch and the plug up your butt, for a woman who has birthed three children and had numerous trains run on her by various hood rats and drug dealers (we alll know the truth about those times at the Voodoo lounge) you still look pretty down there. At least you have that although you won't be able to use it for a while.

  39. Ooh! Maybe you could start giving pussy and ass tutorials, Taren! That should have been ya hustle all along! Teach women how to take a raw dick and plug up the ass!

  40. You are so quick to defend Taren but did you forget that this chic was pregnant by her now married fiance when he was still living with his WIFE!!! Taren acts like she is all about the self empowerment of women and even gave guidance in 2010/2011 on youtube about being pregnant while being the other woman…Then you have the nerve to not be discreet when you are with a married man then all of your secrets will come to light…

  41. Part 1: This is long:

    Saturday Afternoon Tea
    This message is for the people on Lipstick Alley. I signed up on your forum about 2 weeks ago to post some dirt on Taren and Mike, but my account is still not approved. That’s the main reason I decided to create this blog instead. I’ve seen a couple of posts from people speculating that I’m probably a bitter ex of Mike’s or someone he cheated with. Let me clear that up first so there’s no confusion: I have never, ever been sexually involved with Mike. I’m also not a hacker. My dealings with Mike and Taren were business-related, and I considered both of them my friends until I was ripped off by them on one of their many fraudulent business “ventures”. I invested a large sum of money last year on Areya TV. As of today, I have yet to be paid back.

    Backstory: I’ve known Taren since 2011, though I wouldn’t say we were friends back then. More like acquaintances. We didn’t start really hanging out until late 2012, when I ran into both her and Mike at a party. She introduced him as her boyfriend and they were all over each other. PDA and then some. At the time, I did not know anything about their business or the scandal surrounding Mike cheating on his wife. Knowledge of the whole affair came later. On the outside, they both seem like decent people. Charismatic, respectable, successful, people who had their **** together. Everything that’s been written about Mike being a man who presents well (well-dressed, etc.) is 100% true. You would never expect him or Taren to be the type of people that would scam someone, but they are both con artists, and most con artists are charming and know how to work a room. They’ve been over to my house several times, hung out with my family, etc. I met Taren’s daughter a few times (but never her sons). I’ve met Mike’s son and he seemed like a decent father.
    In April of 2013, they approached me with the idea for Areya, which they described as an online content network geared towards women. The “mission statement” was very similar to what they put up for AreyaTV on the Indiegogo page. Same wording and everything. Taren said that it had been a dream of hers for years and believed that with her Youtube following it could be very successful. Mike claimed to know a lot of people in the industry who could be a part of it, but imo the people he was referring to are very small-time. They wanted to use my connections as well (I work in a related industry) and wanted me to be part of it. The biggest issue, however, was that they needed funding for production, web and graphic design, and they also planned to release a printed and digital magazine and charge a monthly subscription fee. They claimed to have a large sum of their own money that they planned to invest, and were looking for other investors.
    This is where my education, intellect, and intuition failed me, because I decided to become one of their investors without fully doing my research on them. They promised immeasurable returns and claimed that they would pitch the idea to women and beauty-related companies who would come on board and pay them for ad space on the website. I invested a 5 digit sum of money to their venture, and to this day I have not seen a penny of that money. I pressed them for progress reports and they always promised that stuff was “coming”, so I waited.

  42. Part 2:
    The fallout started around September of last year. I was having a conversation with a friend and mentioned them and the Areya venture. She said something along the lines of “I know those two very well and they’re scammers”. She revealed to me that Mike was a married man who cheated on his wife with Taren, and that they were shacking up because the wife found out and kicked him out. She told me that Mike was broke, and that he probably used my money to pay his bills or to pay for trips. She told me about one of her close friends who Mike had tried to hook up with. Her friend told Taren what Mike tried to do, which was a huge mistake. Taren blew up at the friend and told her she was lying, and accused her of trying to get with Mike when it was the other way around.

    At this point I was a little panicked, so I started doing more digging on Taren and Mike. I found out about the “Faces of Autism” campaign through a friend and asked Taren about it, pretending that I wanted to purchase some merch to support her. She said that the campaign was no longer running because there was a conflict with the supplier and she was getting a lot of orders from schools, friends, and online but couldn’t deliver. I asked how much she had been able to raise and she said “about $12,000”.

    I found out through various sources about her multiple baby daddies and general heauxing ways, messing around with married men, neglecting her kids so she could go gallivanting around town, etc. A woman with that many kids should not have so much spare time on her hands to be attending parties and traveling. I was flabbergasted because I realized that I didn’t know her at all. It was when Mike left his google account logged into the computer at my office that I got a real eyeful of what those two get up to, and took screenshots as proof.

    I think Mike may be a bigger hoe than Taren, because he cheated on his wife both before and after they were married. He also cheated on Taren with a few different women. I’m close with one of Mike’s former friends (whom he coincidentally also owes money to for some “Team Mancini” related stuff that fell through). This friend revealed that Team Mancini is largely a front, that Mike likes to fake success on the outside, when in reality he’s struggling financially, and that most of the stuff on his Linkedin profile is made up. He hasn’t worked with any of those companies and it’s mostly just for show.

  43. Pert 3: This friend spilled a lot of dirt about how Mike would pick up women at parties, **** them in hotels and bathroom stalls, then go home to his wife like nothing ever happened. These are all things he witnessed himself. He wrote the comment on the sipthetea post I linked to earlier, the only post that’s still up because the others were flagged. He told me about how Mike cheated on Taren all of last year, and I’m pretty sure he still does it since she’s been knocked up. He said that Mike is the type of person who plays women and gets bored quickly – a serial cheater. He’s no longer friends with Mike after the fallout over money and for the Michael Jackson comment on Instagram about Taren.

    In addition to cheating, Mike put all of Taren’s business out there to his friends. He told his friends about how she’s a huge freak, loves to use sex toys, loves to be handcuffed, and that they make sex tapes together then watch them later. They also like doing freaky **** in public places, like dressing rooms and abandoned parking lots. One of these days they will be caught. Taren has all this time on her hands to plug her various orifices with sex toys because she doesn’t have custody of any of her kids. And Mike is a loser with zero responsibilities, so they’re perfect for each other.

    After I got tired of waiting for the stuff related to the project that was supposed to be “coming”, I started asking them for my money back. They started ignoring my phone calls, stopped responding to email and texts. I ran into them at a party and they said that stuff had “fallen through” and they were “going through some personal stuff” and that they would pay me back. To this day, I’m still waiting. I don’t expect to ever get that money back. Since then, I’ve talked to a few other people who made investments but were never paid back.

    The reason they turned to crowdfunding is that most of their friends now know who they truly are now and would never give them a penny. I’m getting text messages and emails from people connected to them who have googled their names and seen the lipstick alley threads and what’s been revealed in a bunch of different places. A lot of people have been made aware of their bull****, and their circle of friends is now tiny.
    I’m truly sorry for the $440 that people donated to the latest iteration of Areya, because it’s likely that nothing will ever come of it. This blog will probably be shut down soon, because I’ve received copyright takedown notices for all my other posts. I’ve also received quite a few threatening text messages and emails from Taren, but I’m not afraid of her or Mike. I wanted to get my story out there since I can’t post on Lipstick Alley. Moral of the story, be careful who you befriend, do your research, and be careful who you give your money to. I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

  44. This pisses me all the way off! The scamming part is beyond reprehensible to me. Especially with that Faces of Autism. I've never followed her, however had heard about her via Youtube. I did watch the FoA video and actually teared up when watching it. By the time I went to the site, it was already silent – but I didn't think much about it — this was May of last year.

    The thing about it that touched me is that I have a son with autism. I felt bad for her but at the same time applauded her for what I thought she was genuinely trying to do. She inspired me to start a blog about my own kid and our lives. I chose to take the humorous route in order to uplift others through laughter – but uh – laughter is free. Don't need donations for that.

    That being said – the main thing I worry about is how my son will fare in the world as an adult. A black man with Autism? It's already open season on our sons – so I find myself worried, praying, and doing everything possible to get my son all the resources he needs to lead a productive, happy, healthy life.

    But this woman is the epitome of what I've been afraid of – a scammer, swindler, charlatan, and an all around asshole (pun intended).

    Taren, here you are with 2 sons that are at high risk of being bullied, cheated, mistreated, and harassed – and you're out in the streets doing the exact same thing to others. You're more worried about sticking shit up your ass than if you're kids had a good day at school or if something or someone hurt their feelings or hurt them physically.

    You're playing on instagram taking 'beauty' pics, and playing on Google Hangout taking BOOTY pics. You're deleting posts before they can be read by your supporters, when you need to be trying to get train fare to go see your kids and give them a hug.

    I don't usually comment, or get caught up – but I work hard everyday trying to live an honest life, and provide my children with the best quality of life possible. You're feeling sorry for yourself and flagging blogs, pictures, posts, etc – that are exposing shit that should have never been out there in the first place. Your first priority should be protecting your kids – not protecting your already shitty reputation. People like you disgust me. I could give less than a damn about your personal life – I'm not any of the wives you disrespected (although I feel empathy for them). But when you bring Autism into the picture – and the fact that you have 2 beautiful boys that are living with it — and you scam and lie and cheat off of that – it makes it quite obvious what type of person your really are.

    You and your partner in crime have a left an extremely high body count in the wake of your scandals. The night life will take you nowhere during the day. And those of us who do our business in the light of day are waking up early to take notes and compare notes on your shoddy lifestyles. People don't really give a crap about what you 2 do in the bedroom – it's about how you treat others, lying to everyone and cheating others that's got people pissed off – how could you not realize that?


  45. I don't believe the poster was defending, Taren. But I have to agree, I don't see why everyone is trying to publicly humiliate this woman. Our job isn't to judge, it's for God to do that. Cheating is wrong no matter what, but the overwhelming hate for this woman is baffling.

  46. I'm baffled how so many people are concerned with this woman's private life. I follow her pages but she doesn't impact my personal life. I'm not invested in her happiness or downfall. I think this a truly a mess, because there will always be 3 versions of how this relationship started: Taren',Mike and the ex-wife. We don't know what led to the breakdown of Mike's and Karyn's marriage, but I bet it didn't have anything to with Taren. And Karyn knew what kind of man Mike was when SHE married him! So, if he was that trifling, broke, dishonest, con man what does that say about Karyn's choice in men, as well. I'm just playing devil's advocate here. Y'all should be going after Mike's business and pages with MORE than y'all going at Taren's. HE broke those vows, not Taren. HE pledged to love and honor his wife, not Taren.

  47. ummmm, asking for money in the name of autism from your subscribers, lying about how much you made then not even doing what you said you would do makes it our business..thats OUR money, then again with asking for 80K from her subscribers…knowing good and damn well its another scam…thats why she only made 400 this time, nobody is falling for her shit again. doesnt matter why the marriage brokedown or even if it did…both of those assholes are too blame, close your legs to married men, if the marriage was so fucking bad he should have got a divorce…he was with his wife, pretending to be happy, posting pics with her and the same night fucking taren in her ass. She needs to refund peoples money and shut the fuck up before CPS takes her 4th child.

  48. Sorry but you're wrong. They're both equally at fault. Taren has a LONG history of messing with married men. Mike isn't the first and probably won't be the last. I was talking to a friend a few days ago and she mentioned that Taren once got her ass beat because this woman found out she had slept with her husband. Someone else mentioned that she also broke up the marriage of the owner of Voodoo lounge. And I heard from a good source that Taren was once arrested for prostitution. This happened during her time at Voodoo and she was hooked on cocaine. I fwded links to this page to a lot of her friends so eyes will be opened. She needs help.

  49. https://soundcloud.com/user996273361/rv19-questions-answers-real-talk-areyatv-from-youtube

    this is the audio from the youtube video she deleted.. where SHE LIED and said she only raised about $1000 for the faces of autism project, she really raised $12,000 there are receipts and proof of that as well, she took that money and did not a damn thing with it except take trips and flaunt her married man online, I wonder if her 3 children, not in her custody got any of that money, does she even pay child support?? SHE SHOULD. This is why people are mad…she is a scam artist. Lipstick Alley has all the receipts nobody is lying…

  50. Anon. 09/07. 3:30.
    This is not overwhelming hate but 12,000 comments of backlash for the $12,000 dollars she swindled from every person that gave her Whore of Babylon ass a chance to do something to give back. Mob mentality in this case would be literally finding her and Mike and using street logic, but all we want is for them to answer to whatever is coming to them for the janky, shady, shiesty stuff they did under the radar leading us all to believe they were two great people.

    And Mike, please don't think you are off the hook from a dragging because yours is coming too. LAB ass watching your “soulmate” get dragged by the follicles of her smallest baby hairs and your account is still private. And you think that's ok? But I'm giving you way more than you deserve; you're the same guy that swindled your own wife while you cheated on her behind her back. You're also the guy to declare yourself single in a magazine knowing you weren't. So of course you would be the type not defend your pregnant baby momma in a scandal.

  51. A friend of mind donated to the Autism Project—these two nasty trifling scammers deserve whatever they get and they deserve each other…another baby by another man, who won't stay.

    what a shoddy life–how can this heifer tell anyone how they should live and lecture or send out affirmations, when her damn house is foul as hell. FAKE.

    This is not about her nasty ass bedroom antics w/a married man/men–this is about her slick money raising lying ass, she is gonna keep it up and her ass is gonna be in jail for fraud–well BOTH of them, if he is still around.

    he seems like the kind that would leave her holding the bag for their bogus money scams.
    pathetic as hell.

  52. Can somebody please tell me why her bottom jaw looks broken and juts forward like that… Is there a backstory or somethin like she slept with somebodys husband and got her jaw broken or something? Her mouth distracts me in every photo and video of her it's like Kanye Wests but he was in a car accident whats her prognosis

  53. I'm not for or against Taren. Haven't followed her that much, but I've been reading a lot of this gossip about her. If she wants to use butt plugs and have freaky sex who the fuck cares. And to say she is a home wrecker is not all the way the truth, Mike's home was clearly not on solid foundation since he stepped out. He wasn't 100% in it. And who knows if this wasn't the best for his wife too. After the anger and hurt is met, she can be with someone that really is good for her.

    As for the fraudulent stuff and the welfare of her children, if you love Taren then you will love her regardless of what she does. It won't be conditional. If you never loved her, then you will wait for any reason to bash her. Her “followers” may be ignorant to the fact that she is not perfect, not a god, but a human being like the rest of us. Regardless if Taren thinks she is perfect, Life is humbling her right now, like it humbles all of us. Life is teaching her, like it teaches all of us. And we only grow when things become really painful.

    So I know damn well I can't judge her. And judging her does not bring me peace and bliss right now. I can't judge any of God's creations in reality, no matter what I may think.

  54. Very well put!!! The ignorance and hatred on these are over the top. And the poster below..we're here to leave comments just like you. If we don't agree, then we're Taren or followers. Common sense ain't common for everyone and that chick don't owe you an explanation on what happens in her personal life. The nerve of some folks..

  55. JanC..Someone else said this or you heard from a good source isn't enough to justify dragging this woman. We ALL have a past and I bet you wouldn't want folks putting your business on blast. We can sit behind these computers and type all the negative shit we want, but our shit stinks too. So why do you feel it is yours or anyone else place to give Taren her “punishment”/judgment”? It's not.

    I'm not even coming at you negatively, I'm just saying.. If she hasn't gotten her life together, Karma will know where to find her.

  56. Yes! I don't even know why I'm here lol. I guess I wanted to share a different perspective when I saw this on twitter. We don't really know her personal Life unless we are Taren and we don't know what Life is doing with her right now.

  57. Listen up everyone, there is karma due to Taren & Mike , and there is karma due to you for this internet trash takk. Keep it sane & classy, no one is worth this much of your energy. Everyone involved that has had donated money misused by them need to join together and file a lawsuit so that this cant happen to anyone again.

  58. i was never a supporter in the beginning when she had random people leaving comments that she was with their man. Saying they she was calling their man and stalking them. I always wondered why but now it makes so much sense. Taren you are a the biggest peice of shit how do you willing to with someone else's husband? How are even ok with that you are a typical side chick and look who you bagged up another peice of shit just like you. Hope other followers see you as you really are. Beware ladies soon Mike will be onto another slut and she'll be back on the road again.

  59. My husband and I have known Mike since we were in high school. He talked so much shit about his wife recently and I was really surprised because she's such a nice person. I knew there was more to this story than just his side. Knowing Mike for as long as I have and knowing his character, I can say with certainty that he did not deserve Karyn at all. She's a few years older than he is and in a totally different headspace in terms of emotional maturity and finances. She's one of those “has her shit together” kind of people. Mike has never had anything together. He has such big dreams but lacks the intelligence and dedication to make it happen. He's into quick rich type schemes and is constantly failing.

    Now his personal life is really none of my business, but I felt that the way in which he talked about his wife was wrong. He basically was putting all the blame on her for their failed relationship. For why he chose to go outside of the marriage to cheat on her with someone else. He took absolutely no responsibility for his role in destroying his marriage and lumped all the blame on her.

    This woman that he's now shacked up with and making babies with, I've heard so many bad things about her. She has a reputation for sleeping with married men (Mike isn't the first) and stalking their wives. She's known in Bed Stuy for being loose and easy. And now people know that she neglected her kids because word gets around, and a lot of the fallout with her and Mike spilled over into real life. People that know them read these articles and talk about it.

    I think it's sad because there's kids involved, but it seems they are both getting what they deserve with these articles exposing them. Mike is definitely not someone I would consider a friend anymore, at least not until he apologizes to his wife for the lies he told about her to other people.

  60. They'll come over to Nj too Taren you can try to hide all you want. CPS WILL FIND YOU. You are deemed unfit because you wanted to go chase behind married men with you anal plug you left you're 2 autistic kids with you baby jada and went to chase a man that's not yours. You are so sick you will get every piece of Karma coming to you. You are and will always be a thot.

  61. damn what a history. soooooooo MIke has been around messing with every female and miss Taren here thinks she somthing special and like she's done in the past she gets pregnant and this was intenional yall.

    Mike you better pay attention too because altough you are a dog and you decided to go raw dog with miss “i'm not damaged goods with 3 baby daddies or two whatever” you messed up big time because your wife was a blessing to you. Taren set you up just like she did in her past thot-a-ships or sidechick relationships. How foul is it to have a kid by married man like you are so desperate. Mike you got what you deserved and ole bat. Your wife is going to move on and find love that she deserves and you will forever be broke and you wil get bored and move on to another and do the same with them what a loser.

    this is the problem in the world when people like you just aim to be bums, whores and have kids you can't take care of. the children here are the ones that are really going to suffer. Hopefully they break th cycle of being Thot-Tarens and Broke-Con-Mike.

    Don't get me started on the money you stole from those people. Taren how low are you to use your autistic kids, well the systems kids, to make money and not use to money towards the cause?
    Wheres the money heffa? and then you have the nerve to ask for $80,000!!!!! what the fa-shiz wrong with you?

    let me get this straight you are a multiple baby daddy having statistic, side chick, sleeping with everybody's man and husbands, unfit mother whose kids were taken away because you are just a slut and can't help yourself and you sleep with every dick that walks and you want ME, US to give you money. Get the fuck out of here. when I tell you Karma is a bitch Karma is a bitch and you tme is coiming you and mike can continue to live the broke life in NJ. the nerve!!!

  62. Jan C

    You should be ashamed of yourself to talk about another woman this way. What if it was your sister, your cousin or your own daughter. In the way that you presented your facts, we can't find any credibility in them. And how can you have so much time on your hands to talk bad about another person like that. This is terrible.


  63. Why do people care that this chick is sexing/pregnant from a married man and doesn't have her kids in her care? Every post is about how she's sexing a MARRIED MAN. So freaking what?? She won't be the first nor will she be the last.

    I get letting everyone know that she scammed folks, but you guys seemed more concerned about her married lover than the scam. You would think she personally fucked your husbands or man.

  64. well if youare not Taren you are cleary her anus! Nobody is going so hard to protect her unprotected raw dick marrried man having anus! she is a verified whore it is as plain as day! SHE SCAMMED people into donating to FACES of AUTISM using her autistic kids that she does not have custody of to pocket the money $12000. When asked how much money she made she said $1000 I know tha is bullshit becuase I donated $1000!
    Now she is with a married man all over her facebook ad IG and then SHE GOT PREGNANT FOR MICHAEL McCONNELL and had HIS BABY. NOW she has 4 baby daddies!
    TAREN GUY is nothing but a con artist, and a low life whore. When she starts having YOUR mans baby maybe then you will listen. She is a troll.

  65. Yup, the final stages of the 'Realty TV Dumbing Down Society' project are underway. I don't know who you people are, but this is just disgusting. No, I'm not Taren, nor do I have anything to do with any of this. I remember when I started my natural journey I'd watch her videos, and they were decent enough — if you had her hair type. As usual, I noticed there were lots of over-the-top adulation in the comments section, which is always off-putting… and I suppose for the people who were once fans, to compensate for this fall from grace, the lashing out will be fierce & furious, because nobody knows how to filter themselves anymore. Remember though, no matter what f*ery is transpiring, this is a human being, probably a victim of abuse– you know how the pattern goes– if any of it is true, it's just sad. Sad.

  66. y'all some pathetic bitter females. so what if she's sloppy and a mess? there are tons of women like that. what, because she does videos on youtube you have a different standard? y'all are disgusting, talking about her children. y'all don't give a fuck about them or their safety. you just want to “drag” a bitch that don't even lose sleep over you.
    y'all just a bunch of lonely bitter black women. and it's a damn shame y'all don't have something better to do. creating websites to expose another black woman. how lonely and pathetic do you have to be? do you not have your own man to take care of you? because this is some lonely bullshit right now

  67. That's what I'm thinking. I know of Taren and have watched a few of her videos in the past, but some of these people in here are just as evil in their hearts as they seem to think she is. I can't even respond to all that they feel necessary to throw out there on someone who is merely a flawed human being like the rest of us. The only thing that I see as possibly a valid concern here is the autism project and the fact that people feel like they were misled and ripped off, but all that other shit, that's not my headache and I can't understand why it's theirs. They don't care about the slighted wife, they don't care about those kids as you said, they don't really care about anybody's marriage. Their comments are as nasty as they seem to think she is. Sad

  68. What children? Wtf are you talking about you troll? Taren guys is a Rachet bitch she lived in my building 242 patchen ave Brooklyn! She left her two autistic boys in the house with the the. 3year old Jada! The boys were trying to get onto a bus!! What if they had died? What then? Will you then see she's a nasty dead beat fuck? She lost Custody of them and then the government stopped giving her free fucking checks for the kids she could pay the rent so she got evicted. Now she is with a married man had the audacity to get pregnant and had his child and flaunting that shit all over the social media!!
    Her ass chose to get dragged when she posted pics of her and her still married man on to her IG.

    I brought braclets from this hoe and she took all that money from the Faces of Autism and spent it on her and Married man Mike. She would come in bragging about she had it made getting free money saying people are stupid over her and will give her money.

    You guys are stupid as fuck because she is still posting shit in yall faces a a you guys are saying I needed that and shit. People are trying to warn you stupid fucks and still you are calling us haters what the utter fuck is wrong with yall.
    Taren guy is a rachet, deadbeat waste of a mother those kids were better off with a surrogate. Then she exploited her kids she birthed only, to for a fake ass charity. Why not see through her bull shit and think about those kids HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LEAVE YOUR KIDS HOME BY THEMSELVES TO GO CHASE A MARRIED MAN. Taren guy doesn't deserve to keep any of those kids poor kids could have been hit by a car or some shit! So be glad the truth is coming out because she's been leaving them home all the time. She's disgusting!!

  69. I do think this is too much !

    For the life of me, I cannot understand why black people need to be so full of hatred or revenge, that they use their time to conscienciously destroy one of their peers.
    I mean look at some of those articles : everyone, from Taren to those who (dare to) view her hair videos when they do not have the same texture, those who publicly chose to support her, and what's even worse a newborn child, all are bundled-up to become the target of horrendous judgment-passing, name-calling and slander !

    I mean really ? A baby ?What has this little being who certainly did not ask to be brought into existence,done to deserve your abusive speech, YOU who prentend to have morals and are offended by hers ?!

    I can only guess that such undiscriminating spewing of hatred stems from personal feelings being hurt, and maybe legitimately so.

    In this case you have a more private, legitimate and dignified way of settling things.

    Now, I will not pretend that I know this young woman but I have and will continue to watch some of her content because she just so happens to talk about topics that I am interested in.
    I believe that I, as well as others, am clever enough to differenciate a person’s work from their personal lives and unless they are proven criminals I will not let the latter prevent me from benefiting from a service they provide, which I need.

    If you were to start doing this then who would you watch, listen to, vote for? Look at all the scandals that come up from all the spectrum of stardom, be it from the Music Industry, Sports, Politics…

    The Great Billie Holiday herself used to be a prostitute, she struggled with alcohol and drugs to the point that they claimed her life. It doesn't take anything away from her voice, her music. And she's an acclaimed singer to this day.
    The truth is, you don't know and can't understand anyone's struggles less you've been in their shoes and lived their lives.

    If anything this just made me feel sorry for her. I mean people commenting, coming out of the woods with stories about what she used to do in high school, things that were said in private conversations, her sex life ?!
    I neither need nor want to hear about it !
    Why not try to up build instead of destroying. Why not try being positive and understanding instead of being judgmental ?

    To me this is nothing but a wall of slander, bad mouthing,

    When we (black folks) finally learn how to turn our hurt, rage and/or jealousy into a positive force making us move forward and together, ignoring those who do not live up to our standards, allowing them to chose for themselves who they want to be and deal with the consequences of their choices or mistakes, we'll have achieved something special.

    Good day to you.

  70. That's what's wrong with women now. People are so quick to suck ass for a pretty smile, but when they are stereotyped as the people they are trying to defend they want to hoop and holler. NO get your life together. I don't know if this stuff is true but I will most definitely like an explanation. WHY? Because I fucking deserve one. Me viewing her videos, liking her promos, subscribing to her channel is paying her bills so I deserve the right to at least get an explanation. “why yall in her personal business” WHAT!!??!! Because she has people looking up to her, because she is a role model for teens and children who idolize her pretty curls and great life. But no ya'll right. If people can still like women beating football players, rapist artist, deadbeat actress, and murderous actors why not? When people want things to be private they will.

  71. I'm shocked and it isn't because of any accusations. How pathetic do you have to be to make a forum about someone you don't like to 'expose' them.How old are you all? And as for putting up her apparent address, weather real, current or previous is disgusting behaviour. I really agree with this post get yo' life if you don't like or agree with her behaviour why the frick are you spending so much time focusing on her, losers.

  72. wow…all this is sad…I'm going to let me 11 year old read this…so she understand fully the downsides of social media and why there is a spike in black female suicides…this makes me sad.

  73. Sometimes I cannot stand being a black woman. We're so quick to expose and drag one of our own. What's ironic is these chicks aren't even exposing Taren for the worst parts of her behavior; they're more upset about a damn married man. Guess what? Married men cheat. Most men cheat. Most women will be cheated on. That's just life.

    But you all are so consumed with your own hurt from a past or present cheating man that you can't see the bigger issue (hell the only issue) is the scamming. Autism hits close to home for me and I'm disgusted that Taren would take advantage of those who are dealing with autism (directly or indirectly) because it's such a frustrating disability which can leave families feeling helpless and torn (depending on where your child is on the spectrum).

    That is what I hate the most. Now I'm all for petitions and even speaking to law enforcement about her scamming innocent victims, because she is a criminal and doesn't deserve any sponsors and deserves some jail time. But all of this nonsense about anal plugs and married men and putting her damn address out and rumors from Bonqueefa and Vatoya down the hallway? Girl please.

  74. I totally understand that this Taren lady is a woman with no self respect but don't you all think it's unfair to comment on her preference to anal and sex toys? Out of all things that is really no one's business. She seems like a nasty piece of work but preferring anal isn't the worst that could happen. Being “freaky” in whatever way is totally acceptable to me if you're in the right relationship.

  75. DAMN!!! I don't know how I landed here, actually I was looking for a natural hair salon and I come across this…. Wow, I am truly amazed! I cannot believe the world still has to deal with the kind of people writing all this nonsense here. No wonder the black community is still so behind. I mean, the US is a fucked up racist society but if most black women think like these trolls, the white man need not do nothing to keep black folk down, you guys are doing all that work for them. I don't think you can have the time to talk soo much bullshit and investigate the life of another sister and also have time to give yourself and your own children a good education to uplift your community. PLEASE! I did not know black women could be sooo backwards. You bitches are fucking obsessed with this taren girl. Go fucking do something for yourselves, pick up a fucking book, do something about your own fucking lives retards.

  76. I think people are so stupid. Everybody sins. Everybody have a dark past or their present is dark. What the fuq, talk about her and the married man like forever. I watch her vids and like them. I like her as a human being. She has done not one thing to hurt me. So you telling me that judging by all the negative comments here, that Taren has done something bad to each and everyone of you. Grow up people. Does the guy knows he married? Is Taren the first women he went outside with, stueps. Why women don't go deal with their husbands/bfs. Steups. PS I DON'T KNOW TAREN, heck I live in another country.

  77. I followed Taren and have watched her videos for a while now, and what was most disturbing to me was that Taren has been here before. She knew he was married and pursued him anyway.
    What does that say about her? Ok let's say we forget about that, what about her kids?
    Why did she lose custody of all three of her kids prior to the one she has with Mike?
    Why did she get pregnant by a married man?
    Why did she use her kids in her for a fake charity called faces of Autism and used the money for herself?
    When is she going to tell us what she did with the money?
    Why does she delete comments asking questions about the money from her unregistered charity?
    Why did Taren ask for $80,000 for Areya TV?
    What happened to to Arreya TV?
    All of these questions we asked in the comment section of her videos. I thought is was strange seeing these comments on every social site Taren was associated with.
    It can't all be bullshit and when I came to this site I realized that Taren was a real shady person. I think that she is disgusting and I perfer to follow someone else. She knew Mike was married but it didn't matter to her and that is just foul.
    The problem in here seems as though people are in ok with her behavior, and why is that? I am seriously disgusted by Taren she is not the person I thought she was. Going with another woman's husband this not being her first time simple means she a hoe to me. then she had his baby, and that's just disrespectful. Smh

  78. I laugh at all of the people coming on a gossiping website to shame people for gossiping. You are here getting your fill of tea too, like the rest of us but you want to look down on others to appear virtuous. Yet, somehow, you found your way to these comments in this blog like a fly to sh*t.

    Now sip that tea.

  79. Can I simply just say what a relief to find somebody that really understands what they are talking about on the web.

    You certainly understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important.

    More people really need to check this out and understand this side of your story.
    I was surprised that you’re not more popular since you surely possess the gift.

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