Khia Had Something To Say About Janet Jackson

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sip the tea khia
My neck, my back…oh Lordt!

Yesterday, Khia had something to say about Janet Jackson. Khia was a special guest in TS Madison Hinton’s video and poured all the tea and I’m not gon’ lie her commentary was HILARIOUS!

According to Khia, Janet Jackson’s new single “No Sleep” put her to sleep “wit all that whispering”.

clutches pearls

AND the reason Janet Jackson cut Khia out of the music video for the single “So Excited” is because Janet thought Kia and Jermaine Dupri were bumping uglies.

sip the tea bish!

Watch it all go down below:


And throw all the shade you want towards Khia but did she lie?!


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One thought on “Khia Had Something To Say About Janet Jackson

  1. Janet Jackson’s unbreakable has topped the charts. No Sleeep was awake for 9 weeks at the top of the billboard R&B charts. Most if not all of The Janet Jackson Unbreakable Tour is Sold out. What bingo hall is Khalifa playing at? I know it’s free to. Good night.

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