Fans Explain Why Celebrities Blocked Them On Instagram

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K Michelle blocked Instagram

Kmichelle and …. blocked me for telling them to respect themselves as “women” lol. Those type of women don’t want to be treated as respectable women they’d rather feed the flesh of thirsty men.


I said @kmichellemusic was too immature to be singing a song called Can’t raise a man and that she was classless and disrespectful. Beautiful female, ugly heart


K Michelle blocked me because I told her zero f*cks given was subpar …then she blocked me….guess she still has a f*ck or 2 to give after all


This Thot @kmichellemusic blocked me because she was f*ckin and suckin lance Stephenson young a** and she 35 Lyin about her age and she thought he wanted her old wore out p*ssy a** and I told her he ain’t want her


K Michelle’s crazy a**! Cause I told her she should of apology to that fan that she refused to take a pic with and then dogged the sh*t out of the fan on here lol


K Michelle because I commented about her dumb a** tat


K.Michelle cursed me out but she ain’t block me tho


Kmichelle because I said she looks like a BBQ grill from behind with those knock knees

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