Fans Explain Why Celebrities Blocked Them On Instagram

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kenya moore instagram blocked

Kenya Moore, all because she was showing off flowers and messages from her invisible “bf” and I asked her if she had sent the roses to herself!😂😭 I was bummed, I like her crazy a**


@thekenyamoore blocked me b/c I said she should’ve bleached her feet when she decided to bleached the rest of her body. Also that her crispy, crows feet looked like she’d been sitting on barbwire her whole life 😂😂😂


Kenya moore blocked me cuz I said she won miss america 65 years ago


Kenya Moore blocked me because when it was her bday, she posted pics of a fogged up bathroom mirror with a heart drawn on it claiming her African prince did it, and then a picture of a bouquet from him, and I said Kenya quit playing you’re the one drawing on ur mirror and sending yourself flowers like cher in clueless! Lol


Kenya, I just mentioned how evil and miserable she was and how her behavior would get her nowhere.


Kenya Moore blocked me too because I told her she should have used that fake baboon a** to help her when porsha beat that a**


Kenya moore cuz I said “where’s invisitunde”

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