Death Of A Side Piece

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Side piece, side ting, fling ting, side dish, pu pu platter…whatever it is you call it where you’re from…it needs to die.

Can anyone tell me exactly why it has become a “thing” to be the ‘side piece’? How come the position for #2 is so incredibly sought after? Now, there hasn’t been a time in history where the position hasn’t existed, but there once was a time when it wasn’t so publicized and flaunted. What happened? What made the world so accepting of infidelity?

Back in the day, people did have complete families on the other side of town. I’m well aware of that. However, it was not flaunted, and it most certainly was not the GOAL!  Nowadays, these people…hop over to Naetorious to read the rest.



One thought on “Death Of A Side Piece

  1. I’ve been saying for months how weird it is that sidekicks are being glorified! There are whole shows dedicated to them (Mistresses, Scandal, etc) and while I am a Scandal fan, I’m not a fan of the fact that it makes being a side chick look glamorous.


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