Dear STT, I Had A Wild Night With Mack Wilds

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The d*ck was amazing!! He’s a good 7 inches and it’s super thick. He’s well groomed and we did use a condom. He likes to grip and pull hair and does a lot of moaning in the ear which drives me crazy in general. He talks nasty and makes sure you’re getting yours! I didn’t suck his d*ck until after we started having sex. Yes, I took the condom off. His favorite thing to do was hold the back of my head and stroke slowly. Now this pissed me off, he teased me with his tongue, after kissing my inner thighs and sucking on my other set of lips .He gave me a few long licks and literally tongue kissed my pussy before looking up at me with my legs on his shoulders and flashing that smile again , by this time I’m squirming , he gives me this wink and says “you ain’t ready” while kissing back up my stomach. The night was full of kissing , fucking and love making everything was real sensual to my surprise and honestly he was one of the best I ever had. After we were done, he pulled me over to him wrapping his arms around me asking me if I had a good time. I replied “yes” and asked if he did and he smiled and said he did . We fell asleep and he left that morning. He promised to keep in touch and added me on snap chat . He checked on me the rest of the time I was in NY and asked if I needed anything.

About me: I’m 5’9 23yrs old, 139 pounds , fully black (so don’t get it twisted), with the confidence to say I’m beautiful.

Damn, girl! Sounds like you had an amazing time.

Again, I can’t prove whether this encounter actually took place but I doubt ol’ girl would actually lie.

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