Cam Newton Will Soon Be A Dad

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IMG Source – Cam Newton/Instagram

Cam Newton will soon be a pappy!

Last month, Cam Newton signed a 5-year contract with the Carolina Panthers worth $103.8 million and it seems in a couple of months he’ll be signing a birth certificate. If you look closely (yes, squint and zoom if you must) you’ll see a lady standing next to him with what looks like a baby bump. That lady is his current girlfriend – an ex-stripper who goes by the name Hazel aka Kia. Word around town is the 2 are expecting. If this is really true, this would be Hazel’s 2nd child and Cam’s 1st. Look, I say we all give up our 9-5’s and start working on our upper body strength to be able to climb poles because strippers are winning. emoji


-Update- More pics have surfaced of Cam Newton and his pregnant girlfriend.

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