Baby Mama Drama: Fetty Wap Edition

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Think you’re the only one with drama? Think again. Fetty Wap’s baby mama, Lezhae Zeona (LZ), posted several clips on Instagram of her and Fetty arguing. Why were they arguing? LZ had a radio interview where she talked about her issues with Fetty Wap and obviously Fetty didn’t like it so he popped up at her grandmother’s house and went off.

If you don’t have time to listen to the radio interview, here are the major points:

  • On how they met: LZ reached out the FW on Facebook (before the fame) because she wanted him to perform at her brother’s birthday party. They were friends, but that relationship blossomed into something more.
  • When she became pregnant Fetty didn’t believe her initially but after reality sunk in, he told her not to get an abortion
  • They got into a physical altercation when she was 3 months pregnant but he hasn’t gotten physical with her since their baby was born.
  • She got a DNA test to prove he was the father but before the test results even came back, FW got the baby’s name tatted on his face
  • She doesn’t have him on child support nor does she plan to put him on child support anytime soon.
  • FW was MIA during the pregnancy but reconnected with LZ a few days before she was due.
  • FW isn’t as hard as he claims to be. FW only fights women. Allegedly, there is a video of FW running from dudes and leaving his girl in the car to fend for herself.
  • Their baby has FW’s eyes, no pun intended.

House of CB
Video below

This post may have some serious grammatical errors in it but I am sleepy so you’ll deal.

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