Arrest warrant for Chief Keef in child support case

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Chief Keef is wanted by the state of Illinois for failure to appear in court

for his child support case the Chicago Tribune reports.

Judge Maureen P. Feerick issued the warrant for the South Side rapper, legally named Keith Cozart, after he did not show up for a hearing on alleged back child support he owed the mother of his 17-month-old daughter.
The state’s attorney’s office filed a petition last month alleging that Cozart owed more than $10,000 in back child support.
In a telephone interview, the child’s mother, Erica Early, 30, said Cozart had made a few payments earlier this year but never fully caught up on his obligations. She said Cozart has not seen his daughter in at least a few months. 

The case is one of two pending child support cases against the rapper in Cook County. 

The order also required him to secure health insurance for the child, a condition he met, Early said

Did you catch that??? She’s 30 years old with a 17-month-old by Chief Keef who is currently 18 years old which means he was UNDERAGE when they slept together. Ummm I’ll take statutory rape for 300 Alex.

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